Who we are

Dreamers, creators, and storytellers; passionate about solving real-world problems and creating lasting impact.

Squad X is a member of Xische Group, a hybrid consulting boutique that helps governments, global brands & startups innovate, design & tell stories.


We believe that great teams are the key to great projects. We have built platforms, crafted strategies, advised leadership, and shared the story of Dubai’s digital transformation with the world. We did this with talented, autonomous teams fully committed to our clients’ success.

Squad X is the articulation of our belief in the power of autonomous teams. Any organization, regardless of size or sector, has the capability to drive transformations that delight customers and multiply business value. The X factor is the right team. We leverage our experience to curate talented teams to solve problems for transformative solutions. Our squads work as an extension to our client’s teams beyond delivery to impact realization.

Years of
regional experience
Clients in the public
and private sectors

Our values

We have 7 principles that guide how we work.

over plans

Stay focused and determined about the objectives and goals, while staying flexible on how to get there.

over complex

Simple solutions are easier to adopt, scale and manage. Avoid complexity at any cost.

over tech

Build tools based on people's preferences and behaviors rather than ask people to adapt to yours.

1 team
over You & Us

Establish an autonomous and fully integrated team with shared accountability for tangible results.

over projects

Projects end, products evolve. Instill a mindset of evolution and continuous improvement to create sustainable and lasting value for all stakeholders.

over launch

The launch date is merely the first milestone and not even the most important one. Listen, observe, learn, and rapidly adapt to realize the value.

Story over advertisement

Craft and relay your story that is linked ti your purpose and who you are rather than advertising products or features.


A seamless combination of business, strategy, design, engineering and data.

Lean processes

Our consultants thrive on simplicity. With experience in lead methodologies, we aim to provide the business outcomes with minimal overhead or complications.

Experience design

Our designers converge their design and business skills with your industry insight to create simple and memorable experiences for your users and customers.

Product management
Guiding cross-functional teams in the creation of products, providing deep product knowledge and making strategic product decisions.
Agile delivery
Our squads execute through a rapid, agile delivery framework to collaboratively evolve solutions with cross-functional team.
Technology oversight
We help our clients not only shift the technology but also the ways of working to establish continuous improvement and value creation. Through new architectures, adoption of cloud technologies, and agile operating models.

Our team

We bring together a collection of minds to partner with you on the journey

Danish Farhan

Managing Partner

Wisam Amid


Fouad Fattal

Director of Business

Ahmad Alsultan

Director of Experience Design

Mukul Kishore

Head of People & Culture

Awais Zuberi

Director of Product

Baris Gumez

Director of Engineering

Abed El-Or

Director of Product

Vallabh Bhandare

Director of QA

Fabiano Morais

Scrum of Scrums

Seyithan Sansur

Lead Agile Coach

Zhila Shariat

Product Lead

Rabih Ibrahim

Senior Service Designer

Omar Ali

Senior Product Manager

Shivangi Kumar

Product Designer

Laila Rihawi

Content Lead

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In search of outstanding people

If you’re skilled, experienced, and passionate about transforming human experiences through design, we’d love to hear from you!